Lake, Pond, and Wetland Management


Aquatic Plant Management Service

  • Complete Aquatic Plant Management Services

    • Lakes, Ponds, Canals, Rivers, Wetland Areas

    • Commercial Properties, Sub-Divisions, Private Homeowners
    • Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Annual, and One-Time Weed Control
  • Quality Weed Control in Aquatic Areas
    • Processing of Necessary Environmental Permit Applications
    • Application of EPA Approved Aquatic Herbicides
    • Manual Removal of Unwanted Vegetation
    • Biological Control
  • Retention Pond Management
    • Routine Maintenance of Aquatic Weed Growth
    • Control of Shoreline Weed Growth
  • Restoration of Overgrown Retention Ponds and Wetland Areas
    • Commercial Property Retention Pond Management
  • We Work With:
    • Property Management Companies
    • Developers, Large Commercial Properties, Industrial Properties, Golf Courses
    • Homeowners, HOAs, and Residential Properties 
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • 30 Years of Experience - Providing Quality Professional Service Since 1988. 
Andover Pond

About Aqua-Terra

Aqua-Terra is a Florida lake, pond, and wetland management company.  Since 1988, we have specialized in the routine maintenance of aquatic vegetation in retention ponds of all sizes, ponds on commercial properties ponds, and natural lakes and wetland areas.

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Aqua-Terra Services...

-Commercial Use Properties
-Residential Private Ponds


Our Philosophy

All of Aqua-Terra's methods of pond management strive to control invasive species while creating a healthy, habitable environment for native wildlife. Since 1988, our focus has been on marrying our clients' aesthetic goals with responsible environmentalism.

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Aqua-Terra Does...

Monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, annual, and one-time weed control.


Qualified staff will develop an individual environmental plan for your specific site.

Aqua-Terra has...

Fully licensed and insured commercial aquatic applicators. Licensed by the State of Florida. 

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All of our herbicides are licensed and used in accordance with environmentally friendly practices.

Our spray applications are designed to let native species flourish.

Land O'Lakes

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